Forensics Evidence Detective & Protective Agency (F.E.D.P.A) is an acclaimed firm of private investigators, security guards, and Bail Bonds Agents with a reputation for both effective security solutions, and the use of innovative technology, and investigative techniques in the protections of life and property.

We take pride in providing you with the maximum standard of services in the investigative, security, and Bail Bonding industry. F.E.D.P.A. is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. Ownership consists exclusively of criminal justice professional, bilingual specialist, and multi-certified associates.

What can F.E.D.P.A do for you or your company?

Forensic investigations

Our young enthusiastic forensic investigators are graduate from criminal justice schools, and computer forensic sciences and they are enjoying the use of the latest forensics software.

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Physical security

F.E.D.P.A has endorsed the G8 Pro V2 as a NON-LETHAL defense and liability safety device for unarmed security. We provide: armed/unarmed uniformed security guards, roving patrol vehicles and more.

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Responsibilities include but not limited to: Having fire extinguishing equipment readily available, know how to sound an alarm in the event of a fire, monitor for fires in all exposed areas and more

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Bail bonding

We Understand that Not everyone that goes to Jail is a bad person. We will be here for your needs and assistance. We offer a discreet, fast, friendly reliable service credit terms available

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